Pretty Pretty Pumpkin

Fall is in the air and with that are the changing of the leaves, sweaters and pumpkins. Today we focus on pumpkins good ole it can make a nice pie or latte... pumpkin.  

Check out my latest segment on GREAT DAY HOUSTON  to create the perfect holiday photo. Click on link below. 


Recently I was able to go to an amazing family friendly farm to create beautiful vignettes with all sorts of pumpkins, the variety was endless. I was able to create installations that varies with antiques, quirks and colors.

Blessington Farms is the perfect memory making adventure with your family. All sorts of fun with go carts, slides, berry picking and animals. (we're talking even camels) This thanksgiving season I created some awesome picture taking spaces for families and cutie pies to capture sweet smiles and precious giggles. Here's some tips on how to do it in the comforts of your own home.


How to create the picture perfect fall vignette right in your back yard. 


1. Lighting is key to any photo. Find a tree, awning or nook outside that can bring indirect light to the picture. Direct sunlight overhead can blast out faces and cast horrific shadows on your picture. Lighting is the most important step in creating a picture area. Front porches are perfect because you can leave installation out and for others to enjoy and to partake in the season.

2. Gather your props. Old antiques, haystacks, picture frames, wooden pallets and Pumpkins. 

3. If putting pumpkin on a grassy area I would advise elevating pumpkins off the grass.  You can use palettes, bricks or cinder blocks. This well help prevent them from turning into a mushy mess. 

4. I personally like to stick with themes it helps bring continuity to a vignette. You can do so by picking a style of pumpkins; white ones, traditional ones, funky ones and/or props like iron wheels, bicycles, old barn doors ect. 

5. Make it full or keep it simple.

  • You can do one large pumpkin and use a frame.
  • Grab an old tin pot fill with flowers and pour on the pumpkins the more the merrier. 
  • i like to keep in odd numbers when i style for a effortless look however if you are into a symmetrical style ignore my advice.

6. Creating shapes when styling helps. I form elevated designs using u-shapes, triangular, half-circles and rectangles with props.  

7. Place cutie pies (kids) in vignettes have them touch and play with surroundings. Pulling on hay, holding mini pumpkins ect. Anytime a installation has an interactive opportunity photos looks less staged and more organic. 

8. Have fun and keep it moving. If sitting on a pumpkin, hay, or prop doesn't work let the model stand, hold or kiss the prop. 

9. Say cheese and shoot. Bam.  Solid goodness. 

So, in the spirit of thanksgiving I am so grateful for you as friends and supporters. I hope this helps in making memories this holiday season. 

Oh one last thing....

One thing I am extremely grateful for this year is my boyfriend Eric. He is not only a hard worker, a calculated risk-taker,  a friend to all, generous and a loving man but he chooses to invest in me, in us. Its a beautiful thing to be completely secure in someone's love for you. So yeah...I'm way grateful.  I thought I'd get all gushy up in here.  He was home and got to help me with great day...such a stud. 

He was home and got to help me with great day...such a stud. 

He was home and got to help me with great day...such a stud. 

so much lovin'.