i love summer!

Someone needs some love...my blog sure did. so how about summer love?
best summer loves.

Head to toe...here we go!

Nars has come out with an easy trio compact with all my favorites: Orgasm/Albatross/Laguna. Light and easy for a fresh summer face.

NARS Portrait of Paradise Blush Bronzer Trio

Love your lips...bring on the BAM!

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

Bad hair day?...beach hair to the rescue, messy hair means awesome hair. Sunchild Salon turned me onto this amazing product, while Blonde Salon constantly creates my beachy blonde locks. Love them both!

i love my kevin murphy hair.resort.

Summer time means bathing suit season but nothing says swimsuit like JCrew. I don't even like swimsuits but dang, I'd own at least half of the ones from JCrew. Feminine and classy. i say yes!

JCrew swimsuits have my heart

Love me some flipflops, especially when they are worn in.

Rainbow flops are legit. classic really.

I love sundresses, all kinds make me happy. Long, short, sweetheart neckline, strapless, white, patterned, you name it I love it. Anthropologie has a plethora of sundress love, i wish it had more love for my pocketbook.

i feel so pretty...in my head. thank you anthropologie.

If you are going to accessorize You, try and keep it simple, especially in the south.  Find a staple necklace that will draw good attention not your sweat from the hot southern air. (assuming you live in the south) The key necklaces below are my favorite. i love to wear them when i'm dressed up or dressed down. Its my signature piece that you can customize to make your own. Check them out at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno online shop!

i love keys.

End your summer look with a fabulous bag, keep light in color, texture or size. Most importantly, love your bag!

Chloe I love you even if you cost me my first born. 

happy times with summer loves.


another day in the life of a bridesmaid.

I'm not sure how many weddings you've been in but my count is officially in the double digits; each one unique, each one beautiful. Here is my latest wedding, andy & kateigh williams.

the bride & groom

the bridesmaid dress

the bridesmaid bouquet-a floral halo

flat gladiator sandles

MOH duty-recreate ceremony backdrop of ribbons

So when the long awaited day comes for me to get married I think my bridesmaids will wear variations from twobirds bridesmaid.

i like the subtle difference between the maid of honor & bridesmaids' dresses.

pick a color any color

Love is in the air...