The little pink box of love called BIRCHBOX ...

I think if I asked any woman if they would love to get box full of beauty samples the answer would most definitely be yes... I mean doesn't everyone love samples from the ones at Sam's on a weekend or packets at the makeup counter?! Well there is a great company out there that is meeting our love/ needs called BIRCHBOX . Once a month for $10 bucks you can get a box full of samples of new products that are out on the market, some of which are full sized products. How rad is that?!

So I finally got the arrival of my first box and it was truly a lovely moment. I was all smiles as I laid my eyes on that pretty pink box. Let the fun begin...

the brown box
Ta Dah....
the insides
 First product I got was Benefit's Refined Finish and Foaming Clean face wash. The face wash has a silky feel and a delightful scent; it cleansed my face pretty decently. I still don't look like Angelina Jolie. whatevs. The Refined Finish was equal in a pleasant smells as the face wash but had a light scrub to exfoliate dead skin. Didn't feel much different and I remain a fan of my Sally's Queen Helene's Apricot Scrub. :) But it was fun to branch out of my norm.

Benefits facial wash & polish
 Next I received Caudalie Vinexpert  Firming Serum. I really like this product, I wish it was a larger sample. I think time will tell if it truly will effect my face but so far so good.  People have waxed poetic about this brand and I was so happy to finally have a go at it myself.

Caudalie firming serum
 The color club nail polish was legit..."status update" was the title and slate grey was the color. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's really a rad fall 2012 color...that quite possibly will last for years to come.

Color Club "status update"polish
Ok so I have totally bought into the whole glorified tinted moisturizer "BB" cream. I like to think that its making a diffence and my face is glowing but truth is in the states we do not create a true BB cream its more like a tinted moisterizer. True BB creams do not come as dark as the ones here, Dr.Jart+ cream came to me in such light form that it could have passed off as a real one. I ended up giving it to my mom because I looked like a ghost with it on. If you are wanting a BB cream/ tinted moisturizer I suggested Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer or Dior BB cream or Too Faced beauty balm. Just sayin'.

Dr.Jart+ BB cream
 And now for the Twistband hair tie...I'm not gonna lie somebody is making bank on these things. Seriously, it's a glorified colored piece of elastic. The upside is when you use in hair, though it doesn't have a tight hold on a ponytail, it won't leave a crease in your mane.

Lastly, I got a plastic bag from a brand called Tili. Very hip on design but its literally a overpriced Zippy lock bag, sandwich size.

Tili bag
I really enjoyed getting this extremely girly box full of goods & I am way looking forward to next month's surprises. And fellas you are so in luck, they totally have a box just for the male you can join in on the fun. Lucky. 

Enhance your beauty bur from the inside out. 


5 makeup loves for 2011

I believe in natural beauty, however I also believe in enhancing the natural beauty that you have. Here are my top five favorite makeup products.

Revlon Color Stay Liner
don't leave cap off liner, es muy bad
Lining the top inner eyelid is a great way to define the eye and make your eye look larger. Check out my Fox segment below where I show you how to apply the liner to your eye.

NARS blush Orgasm
i apologize for the name, but its the best color ever!

Horrible name just horrible, but a beautiful color. Get that youthful glow your face with this lovely blush. Apply directly on cheek bone.

NARS blush Exhibit A
WATCH OUT: when apply it can be this bright
My dear friend Erin, who does makeup for such stars as Lucy Lu and Ellen Pompeo recommend this color to give the face a fresh look. She also advises to use a light hand when applying it to the apples of the cheek. This is not an all over color.

NARS Albatross Highlight Color
highlighter of my year scratch that life
This is a great highlight color to apply not only to your your lid at the inner corner of eyes (this will make your eyes appear larger) and the brow bone, this color is also great to apply right above the cheekbones.

Revlon's Super Lustrous lipgloss
nude luster 3rd from left

A perfect shine & lasting lipgloss. Similar in consistency to Chanel's lipglosses but for a quarter of the price. I LOVE Nude luster, a great neutral color for all skin tones.

I highly recommend going to, a great resource where you can read reviews or find out more information about a plethora of beauty products.

Watch video for helpful makeup tips.

Enjoy the tips and know that the best beauty comes from confidence in one's self. You loving you will make the most beautiful you.


my first haircut

I woke up yesterday inspired to cut and color hair. So I volunteered my sweet and easy to persuade sister into being my first victim.

I found this great website that gives you instruction video on hair, from colors & cuts to managing your own salon. I was sucked in for about 2 hours and decided to go to Sally's to purchase an all over color & highlight color for my sister.
stacey's all over color

stacey's highlight color

I began this little adventure by highlighting stacey's hair and folding in foil strips, kind of messy but i started to get the hang of it by the last 2 foils. Then while hair was processing I put the all over color on and let it do its thing.

Hair done and now for the cut. I put all my skills I learned from to use.
And now for the unveiling of my first hair masterpiece....

Side view of stacey cut, color, & style I did...there cou... on Twitpic

My sister is so beautiful inside and out, through and through. I hope she likes it, cause I can't fuse her hair back...yet! i LOVE you stacey!

You never know what you can do unless you try...go try.