Bedroom Facelift


A lot can happen in a couple months, one of which was my big move back into the city; I am loving it. I have a great space at the Marquee Lofts Downtown Houston, in a fun location with the most beautiful roommate.

Here she is folk one of my best friends and roomie Arianna aka Ari. This girl has wit, talent (if you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you've seen all her serenading videos. Ari has vocal skills for days), smarts, humor, kindness, beauty and so much love. I'm a big fan. Message me for inquiries. 

The Roomie from Heaven. Ari.

The Roomie from Heaven. Ari.

So back on all my moving I get to repurpose and redesign my new space, and seeing I have an amazing roommate she is up for anything. 

Which leads me to my latest Great Day Houston segment...My Bedroom Facelift. Click below to watch segment.


I really did have a fun have to watch and see to believe it.&nbsp;

I really did have a fun have to watch and see to believe it. 

Golden Headboard

I have had this headboard since 1994. Its a beautiful piece of furniture but didn't have the Kristen flair on it so I decided to add some paint. I went to Home Depot and grabbed one of the Ralph Lauren specialty paints in a bright gold alongside deglosser sander. I wiped the headboard down with deglosser to take away sheen so paint will adhere to the headboard. After it dried I painted two coats of gold paint and it turned out like a dream. Seriously, couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

the before and after

the before and after

Resin Table Cloth Table

This was as easy as it gets and the finish is like butter really hard butter...smooth and solid. 

I had this old side table from my grand parents that had great bone structure, just needed a slight face lift. I spray painted the table gold because in my opinion you can never have too many gold accessories. I picked out a modern piece of material and fitted it to the top of the table. I Mod Podged the fabric to the table and then poured the resin mixture on top of it smoothing it out with my finger. YOU HAVE TO LET THIS DRY COMPLETELY.  Most instructions say to give it a good 24 hours,  I accidentally tested the drying process  with a piece of plastic and it immediately fused to table.  I am living proof that the instructions were telling the truth, you're welcome. I now have a interesting square box addition to my side table perfect for jewelry or flowers. yay? 

the before

the before

the after.

the after.

Gold Metal Shelving

This happens to be one of my favorite DIY additions I have done. Found this bookshelf at Ikea, the color was gunmetal but I felt the need to add some golden love. I put the frame of  the shelving unit together and while it was standing up spray painted it. I then spray painted each glass panel with a mirror effect spray paint ( there is such a thing check it out HERE, it gets kind of streaky so lightly spray back in forth with a steady light hand for best results. Adding mirrors is great because when you put candles on top of it, it reflects light in such a beautiful way. 

I put it in my kitchen for storage and bedroom for statement piece, both look lovely.

I hope that you enjoyed the segment and would love to hear your feedback....

Tloving DIYs and Feedback. would love it this much!

Happy almost end of summer loves!