Beach Babe Waves

Most asked question concerning my hair is how i get it to look like beach hair. With multiple trial and errors I finally found what works for me besides being at the beach, ALL. DAY. LONG. 

I made a kind of long informative, quirky, video on how I curl my hair and I also took photos for a step-by-step visual. I'm posting both to this blog for the fellow ADDer and the more detailed learner. You are both welcome. 


Wash your mop. Towel Dry. 

Then bust out with some good products. I have a real thing for Kevin Murphy Products. 

At the root of my hair I put the body builder mousse, massage it into scalp.

Spritz the anti-gravity spray all over hair for texture.

The next step is one of the most important things I tell people to get that surfer girl hair.


  • When you blow dry your hair you form your hair follicles in a certain direction which i think prevents the hair from curling to its potential.
  • When you have the heat of the blowdryer and add the heat of the curling iron to your hair, it can over time damage hair.
  • If you have blonde hair and add all that heat its setting it up for even more damage.
  • And lastly, who has time for all that mess when you're trying to catch a solid wave :)

Convinced yet?

Just say "NO" to all that heat. Save it for when you hit the beach and surf the waves.

curling iron.jpg

One of the tips is my tool, I use a Conair Sprial Styler Curling Iron. You can purchase it HERE

I found this nugget when I was in Sonoma hanging with my some of my best friends Gia and Domenica. I walked into CVS and discovered this life changer. It takes time to get use to but its well worth it.

Heat up iron and split your hair down the middle. Clip up half of your hair and split remainder hair down the middle into two sections to begin the curling journey.

let the curling begin...

let the curling begin...

Grab about an inch of hair clip iron on smoothing to end of hair leaving about 1-2 inches of hair out and begin to roll up.

Curling away from your face parallel to profile.

Hold for a good 5+ sec and pull downward. Continue to the back split. 

and now to the other side.

and now to the other side.

Repeat same steps as above. 

Remember you are curling away from face so you should be going in a different direction than the other side.

You are almost to the beach wave finish line. Yay you! 

Let down the rest of your hair and split is down the middle.

Working from the back to front begin the curling process again.

Curls should be random, unorganized and messy. If you're OCD, well you might have some issues with this. I suggest seeing a counselor or shoot me an email and I'll send back some encouraging words. I'm a life cheerleader. :) 

As you can see there are some kinks in my hair because when you use this specific curling iron and you curl going against spiral it sometimes happens. No worries my friend... 

Take kinked up section and re-curl on the no spiral part of iron hold for a few seconds and it should do the trick. If you have a wand curling iron you could also touch up with it.


Repeat steps on other side, not necessarily the faces and darlin' you are done. 

Flip hair and shake out curls for volume. I do this on the regular.

This hair is awesome because it can accomplish three looks.

The surfer: Just add flip flops (rainbows preferably) 

The cheeky: Just add attitude

The gyspy: Just add a headband

So to make this blog have just a little more depth here's a little thought. 

Life is kind of like this hair its not perfect its kind of messy. Like the waves in the ocean you can't control what happens; it can be the ride of your life or another wipe out.  Its all about your attitude. Get back up, take the waves as big and small as they might come and let life flow. 

Don't try to hold so tight in life where you're not living. 

In the words of a surfer...

Hang Loose.