Head 'em up, move 'em out...

It's that time a year round these parts...its rodeo season. Oh yes, here in Texas there is a whole season for the rodeo. Like Christmas its one or the most wonderful times of the year! However living in the BIG city like Houston (because we know nothin' is small in Texas) it can be quite the adventure getting to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with all that stinkin traffic, but in the end...well worth it!

So if the timing or the traffic detour you away from the spirit of the rodeo how about throwing a party in its honor... as my mom would say its better than a stick in your eye.

succulants, bandanas used as flag banners or napkins, rope tied around cans or laid out on tables and old vintage jugs perfectly placed.
homemade bbq competitions, chili cook-offs, and roast corn in husk. delish.

Off to the races...have kids make their own horse on stick! Great tutorial at lightbluegrey

clint eastwood...nuff said. get a projector, throw blankets on the lawn and watch old western classics. good times.
I'll leave you with my Fox segment and the ever so funny Tom Zizka to inspire you to throw down one fantastic rodeo shindig.

Giddy up y'all...


7 tips to make this love day off the charts & ridiculously awesome

Change it up this valentines, get creative and be you.

1. Instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants make it more intimate and have a picnic at home. If you don't want to cook order in.

2. Instead of spending too much on a gift, make your own. Both of you write down on pink and purple hearts (purple for him and pink for her) 14 things that you love about your partner. Take turns picking from the jar and reading them out loud to one another. Its thoughtful and a great way to hear how much your partner likes being with you.

3. Choose an outfit that's cute and comfy. Better yet grab a shirt from his closet, pair it up with skinny jeans, go light on the makeup and you will come out looking easy, breezy and beautiful.

4. Tie blankets from the ceiling and throw pillows on the floor; create a romantic getaway right next to the fireplace. 

5. Candles are the easiest way to illuminate the room and bring a heavenly glow to your night. oh and its super cheap. Do it, it makes everything better.  

6. Bake together.  Cooking together brings connection, and the best part is, when its all said and done you get to enjoy the hard work together. Dessert anyone?

7. The most important thing to make your valentines night a success is being confident with who you are and what you bring to the relationship. Someone that likes who they are and can laugh at themselves is the most attractive quality that one can possess. The one you love choose to be with you on this designated love day, remember that...you are the one they love.

Now to all the single ladies, like myself, I'd say bring on the picnic, just throw out the boyfriend shirt because its probably an ex's and well that just depressing.

Love is the greatest gift ya'll...


New Years 2011

I cannot believe we are entering into another decade, here are some ideas to go out with a BANG BAM BOOM!

  • Champagne Mixer Bar with Vintage Glasses
  • 6 Month Resolution Reminder Photo
  • Handmade Balloon drop
Check out segment for the details.

For more ideas, check out last year's New Year's segment  Take time to celebrate a whole new year to be a whole new you. Forgive others and yourself, Love BIG, Fight for your dreams, & get creative. I'm believing for my dreams to come to pass this year, believe for yourself and we can have a tag team victory dance.

Happy New Years Folks, make it the best year yet!