Recently, in a brainstorm sesh with my girl B an idea was birthed.  A blog with all my favorites and the who, what, when where and whys behind it. Hence, the wwwww.  Included in all that goodness is my latest obsessions in attire. 

Joining me in this adventure is none other then the amazing Bueno Brandi. Yup she is all things cool, from style to hair to interesting finds. Full of spunk and love. Check out her weekly favorites at The Bueno Blog 

So here we go.

SKIRT: Free People // TOP: FREE PEOPLE // SANDLES : Madewell // BELT: Free People // CHOKER: Free People // EARRINGS: World Market 

WHO (to go with) // Anyone that loves good coffee.  

WHAT (to get) // oh my gosh their flat whites are on point. I like the taste of expresso but loathe it when its too milky. This is the perfect ratio of expresso to milk.  Also, their almond croissants don't make you sad. 

WHEN (to go) // love mid-mornings around 9am not to busy but not eerily quiet. Also its a perfect stop for a mid-afternoon pick me up. 

WHERE (is It) // BOOMTOWN COFFEE  this little gem is in the heights. It's an open space that happens to be right next door to a cigar shop which gives it a manly smell of cigars and caffeine. Men will love it, as do I.  242 w. 19th street   open m-f 7-7pm

WHY (to go) // One of my favorite things in life is coffee.  Life just is better with a delicious cup of joe in hand. So for the days that i'm running out the door or out on the go,  BoomTown hits the spot.  Its also a great space for working on your laptop or meeting up with a friend.  Speaking of friends, B and I met up for fuel, fellowship and fun just yesterday. Good times and Good vibes, always. 


Pics by @buenobrandi who has an eye for beautiful things. Give her a camera and an idea and watch her go...its magic. Follow her. You'll come out feeling better and looking better as a result. 

For more adventures in my everyday follow me on instagram @kristenjoy_com

Until next time, stay cool and stay classy. 


kristen joy