This ain't my first rodeo...Party.

It's that time in Houston where we live and breathe the Rodeo; from conversations to outfits "Rodeo" is on our lips, in our minds and close to our hearts. To help celebrate this glorious season, how about we round up some folks and throw a hoot hollerin’ home grown dinner shindig?!

Check out my latest segment on Great Day Houston where I share some tips to make it Rodeo Ready and Purrrr-dy.

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Unsure how to prep for your party? I'm Fixin' to show you.

1. Lay your foundation.

  • I made a Texas flag out of Five 5x8 wood boards that I attached together with flat bracket plates. I stained the wood into a Texas flag to use as a table topper. (Cost $45) After rodeo dinner party I am using my Texas masterpiece as a piece of art on my wall. 
  • You could also use a fabulous cowhide for a perfect tablecloth. 
Texas Flag Table Topper

Texas Flag Table Topper

See the cowhide as a tablecloth?...perfect right?!

See the cowhide as a tablecloth?...perfect right?!

2. Bandanas. They just say Rodeo.  


Four ways to bring bandanas to your party:

  • Flags
  • Table Runner
  • Napkins
  • A Cape

3. Repurpose your old bean and veggie cans by incorporating them in your table setting. 

  • Vase
  • Candle Holder
  • Drinking Vessel

4. Entertainment

  • Grab an old western or anything Churck Norris. Project it on a wall and get nostalgic. 
  • You can also hire an Square Dancing Caller to square you up with a little dancing.

I leave you folks with this....enjoy your roots. Wherever you're from and whatever culture inspires you make time to celebrate with those you love.  

Now get along little doggies and kick it up rodeo style.



Love this girl. Great things ahead for the both of us. 

Love this girl. Great things ahead for the both of us.