the penny series

pennyfight. pennyfree. pennyfly.

the back story.
For the past 6 years, I've been making random jewelry pieces for myself and others. I've always wanted a jewelry line but never could find a concept I could stand behind. Then an opportunity came up through my church! I was praying, trying to figure out an idea for pieces to sell and that's when I started thinking about the penny. Through my personal journey of accepting and loving myself, and remembering my value, I thought of the penny and how a penny never loses it's value no matter where it's been. It's still worth something.
I've always had a connection to the words “fly” and “free” and thought of “fight” to bridge the concept together; that sometimes you have to fight to be free in order to fly. Putting these two ideas together, I wanted to create meaningful jewelry.

The Penny Series

 pennyfight. pennyfree. pennyfly.
fight: you have to fight to be free.
free: you have to be free to fly.
fly: now it's time to fly.

My hope is that in whatever part of your journey you are in, you would fight to be free and fly, through loving yourself and others. That the pennies would be a constant (and cool) reminder where you've been, where you are and where you are going. How it speaks to you is uniquely yours and tells a beautiful story and I can't wait to hear them all!!! :)

Portion of the proceeds will go to women who have been rescued from human trafficking and hopefully one day I can employ stay at home moms. (You know my sis Stace was my inspiration for that :)
I'm launching the penny series this week at the Lakewood Woman's Fall event and within the next week should have the pennies and some other pieces from my new company 33 on etsy. I will most definitely post a link once its up. 
Just a quick shout out, there is no way i could have done this without my friend Ari, thanks girl for everything and i mean everything.

Also want to thank my sweatshop crew which includes Ari, Liz V., Sherene, Liz Jordan, Falon, Carla, Caroline and my beautiful mom.

the crew
the wise prize

more cuties sporting the pennies

and so it begins the beautiful blessed journey.


ps because i've had this question alot, it is not illegal to stamp or repurpose pennies but you cant use them to try and buy something. (but why would you bc they're so awesome :)