The little pink box of love called BIRCHBOX ...

I think if I asked any woman if they would love to get box full of beauty samples the answer would most definitely be yes... I mean doesn't everyone love samples from the ones at Sam's on a weekend or packets at the makeup counter?! Well there is a great company out there that is meeting our love/ needs called BIRCHBOX . Once a month for $10 bucks you can get a box full of samples of new products that are out on the market, some of which are full sized products. How rad is that?!

So I finally got the arrival of my first box and it was truly a lovely moment. I was all smiles as I laid my eyes on that pretty pink box. Let the fun begin...

the brown box
Ta Dah....
the insides
 First product I got was Benefit's Refined Finish and Foaming Clean face wash. The face wash has a silky feel and a delightful scent; it cleansed my face pretty decently. I still don't look like Angelina Jolie. whatevs. The Refined Finish was equal in a pleasant smells as the face wash but had a light scrub to exfoliate dead skin. Didn't feel much different and I remain a fan of my Sally's Queen Helene's Apricot Scrub. :) But it was fun to branch out of my norm.

Benefits facial wash & polish
 Next I received Caudalie Vinexpert  Firming Serum. I really like this product, I wish it was a larger sample. I think time will tell if it truly will effect my face but so far so good.  People have waxed poetic about this brand and I was so happy to finally have a go at it myself.

Caudalie firming serum
 The color club nail polish was legit..."status update" was the title and slate grey was the color. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's really a rad fall 2012 color...that quite possibly will last for years to come.

Color Club "status update"polish
Ok so I have totally bought into the whole glorified tinted moisturizer "BB" cream. I like to think that its making a diffence and my face is glowing but truth is in the states we do not create a true BB cream its more like a tinted moisterizer. True BB creams do not come as dark as the ones here, Dr.Jart+ cream came to me in such light form that it could have passed off as a real one. I ended up giving it to my mom because I looked like a ghost with it on. If you are wanting a BB cream/ tinted moisturizer I suggested Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer or Dior BB cream or Too Faced beauty balm. Just sayin'.

Dr.Jart+ BB cream
 And now for the Twistband hair tie...I'm not gonna lie somebody is making bank on these things. Seriously, it's a glorified colored piece of elastic. The upside is when you use in hair, though it doesn't have a tight hold on a ponytail, it won't leave a crease in your mane.

Lastly, I got a plastic bag from a brand called Tili. Very hip on design but its literally a overpriced Zippy lock bag, sandwich size.

Tili bag
I really enjoyed getting this extremely girly box full of goods & I am way looking forward to next month's surprises. And fellas you are so in luck, they totally have a box just for the male you can join in on the fun. Lucky. 

Enhance your beauty bur from the inside out.