fears vs dreams

i fight the fear of rejection, imperfection, and not fulfilling my destiny.

 I dream of becoming a talk show host. I dream that I'll inspire lives through asking the right questions, encouraging, and sharing creativity and love. I dream I'll have enough love and resources to be able to attend to other's needs.
So the past couple of days I've been following my dear and talented friend Caitlin Crosby and creative genius Jeremy Cowart on twitter. They have teamed up with some amazing folks and are road trippin' across the country inspiring hearts, challenging fears, and encouraging people to remember their dreams. Cowart, Crosby and gang are not just asking the questions, but they're putting to use their gifts of photography & music to encourage people to live the life they were destined to live. Can you even begin to imagine the ripple effect of change that will happen when people live out their purpose??!!

I couldn't let an opportunity to voice my thoughts on this subject  go by, could i?...so they are as follows....lucky.

Fear vs Dreams...who wins? that my friend is up to you. 

We are all faced with fear...

fear of heights, failure, not being loved, poverty, death, travel, opinions of man, ect.

...and i pity the fool who never acknowledges them. um hello the first step is admitting you have a problem and let me tell you fear is most definitely a problem. DO NOT make fear your friend, DO NOT go have coffee with it, DO NOT allow your mind to accept it as "oh well, this it the deck i've been dealt". Make the choice, and love yourself enough to do the work to let it go so it no longer has the power to paralyze you from who you are and what you've been destined to do. In the words of Joyce Meyer..."do it afraid"!

I think one of the best things to "hiyah"ing fear is to DREAM, never stop dreaming and to dream even BIGGER than the dreams you've dreamed before. You see if you do not have a dream than you do not have a vision. Without a vision, you lose sight of purpose and you begin to drown in a pool of apathy and discontent; which will ultimately be the demise of your destiny. Don't do it come back into the light, step away from the ledge.

Now that you have your dream, you must BELIEVE it, PROTECT it, and FIGHT for it! I love the quote by John Osteen,
Great it is to dream the dream, as you stand in youth by the starry stream
 but a greater thing is to fight life through, and say at the end the dream is true.

When fear of rejection, imperfection, and not fulfilling my destiny comes into my mind, I remind myself that I have a dream and my dream is my destiny and if its destined it will come to pass. Therefore I see my dream not as my fantasy, its my reality.

So in the honor of dreaming the dream and "hiyah"ing my fears, i finished my reel. I'm sure along the way I'll make many adjustments  but woohoo I'm one step closer in making my dream come true. Just to disclaim: I'm no Jeremy Cowart, Donald Kilgore, Dan Rubottom, Micah Bickham, Taylor Gahm and Tim Schaaf but I gave it a good ole college try. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So guys recognize fear and fight it, dream bigger than ever before.

Live full, die empty.


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