Champagne & Cheese

Who knew you could pair cheese with champagne?...ummm my dear friend Chef and Winemaker Gia Passalacqua, she's legit. Gia was written up in the December issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, A California Holiday Feast - Wine Enthusiast Magazine - Web 2010,  because of her mad skills in the kitchen and her wine-making expertise. Lucky for you, she's sharing the love. Below Gia has listed out her choices for Sparklings (Proseccos, a wonderful substitute for champagne, they're dry and sweeter to the palette. I love Proseccos!) and the perfect cheese to pair with it.

Gia's Bubbly Suggestions:
  • Ruggeri Proseccos, a brut, which will be fairly dry to dry
  • Nino Franco "Rustico" Prosecco Brut
  • Spanish Cava, a sparkling, its easy to drink and gaining in popularity

 Gia's Choice for Cheeses:
  • Cave aged Gruyere
  • Truffle Cheeses, Truffle Tremor
  • Triple Creme Cheses, Mt. Tam
  • Stinky Washed Rind, Red Hawk or Epoisse
  • Beautiful Fiscalini Cheddar, 24 Months if possible

Gia, thank you thank you thank you. The world has so much to learn from your wealth of knowledge in food and wine but also how to live a loving, generous, beautiful life.

If you would like to get a bottle of Gia's amazing 100 year old vine zinfindel go to (2007 scored 91 in wine spectator) I have to say it is my favorite wine of all times, each vintage different yet so beautiful.

Happy New Years folks, enjoy the bubbly and cheese!