Hog's Island to the Rescue

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My good friend Gia decided to take me to Hogs Island for a leisure afternoon away from the berg (healdsburg, ca). Hog's Island is pretty much a shack, picnic tables, and glorified outhouses where guests can get a cafeteria tray of oysters to shuck while enjoying a bottle of bubbles and good company. Its a must on a visit to this area!

i heart picnics
I enjoyed a plethora of small oysters smothered in hot sauce, lemon & hogwash. What is hogwash? its amazingness in every bite of oyster.
fresh from the bay
Oh you mean whats in it, well, its a little bit of season rice vinegar and regular, with a couple jalapenos, a shallot & a healthy amount of cilantro...i will forever have my oysters with that and my favorite bottle of white, a kermit lynch sancerre. Its crisp and clean with all kinds of love in each bottle. If life couldn't get better, Hog's Island is smack dab next to Tomelas bay (why yes it is the breeding ground of Jaws/Great Whites...yikes!) where the view encaptures you into a world set far far away, in a land of scrumptious bites & snuggley weather.

Learn how to shuck these bad boys here. And if you can't get down to Tomales bay no fret they have one at the Ferry Bldg in San Francisco.

San Francisco location
Get 'er done cause thats how its done.