what?! summer is over already...

who likes to party? we like to party.
whos we? everybody.

Watch HERE as I guide you through on my Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan segment; how to throw an end of the summer party!

Let’s Go Crazy Kid’s Party

1. Bring back the classics.

Activities: Three legged race, potato sack, limbo, water balloon toss, and winners get a crown or an over-sized lollypop
Drive in classic: create an outdoor theater to end the night watching kid classic flicks. The Parent Trap, Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Indiana Jones, etc. While kids are sprawled on blankets on the grass, hand out bags of popcorn. Take home gifts are fun pinwheels or water balloon kits.

2. Bag it or Box it

Food: get old shoeboxes/ or bags and have them supplied with premade meals with napkins and treats. Can include corn dog, corn, fruit kabobs, etc. and Cotton Candy all wrapped up.
Water station: blow a whistle and say, “Water break!”

3. Say Cheese

Pictures: Create a photo booth. Have kids throughout the day take pictures with friends. Have a trunk full of props, hats and costumes. If you have instant photo printers you can have kids take home pictures as their take away gift. If not, you can have your child bring photos to school which will be a great way to engage with classmates.

Take it Easy: A Light Night in White

1. Keep it simple

You can use curtains, sheets, or painter’s cloth as table linens. Stay with neutral/white as your constant color then add just one color as your wow factor. Let summer fruit be your color inspiration: lemons, watermelon, cherries, grass. Use what you got! Bring your lamps outside for lighting, use your lampshades with candles to create soft lighting. Have easy food that is simple and light so that guest can mingle without having to balance a plate.

2. Create talk

Frame a Map and have guest pin where they traveled with one color and where they hope to travel next summer. Encourage guest to talk about travels.

3. Kick back & relax

Blow up an air mattress and put white sheets and pillows for people to lounge on. Have an old classic film for people to watch and enjoy. Have a wine bar where people can pour themselves (maybe ask guest to bring favorite new summer wine they experienced this year) or have a pitcher of an already made beverage: mojitos or lemondrops—“Just Add Vodka and Shake” bar. It’s good to get people interacting with things. For dessert, a twist on a favorite summer treat-white chocolate ‘smores bar/station near a fire pit.

***Maybe hire a college kid or someone you know that takes decent pictures to go around taking pictures for an hour. An extra 60 bucks is worth it!

whoooaaaaa...party in the u.s.a.