my first haircut

I woke up yesterday inspired to cut and color hair. So I volunteered my sweet and easy to persuade sister into being my first victim.

I found this great website that gives you instruction video on hair, from colors & cuts to managing your own salon. I was sucked in for about 2 hours and decided to go to Sally's to purchase an all over color & highlight color for my sister.
stacey's all over color

stacey's highlight color

I began this little adventure by highlighting stacey's hair and folding in foil strips, kind of messy but i started to get the hang of it by the last 2 foils. Then while hair was processing I put the all over color on and let it do its thing.

Hair done and now for the cut. I put all my skills I learned from to use.
And now for the unveiling of my first hair masterpiece....

Side view of stacey cut, color, & style I did...there cou... on Twitpic

My sister is so beautiful inside and out, through and through. I hope she likes it, cause I can't fuse her hair back...yet! i LOVE you stacey!

You never know what you can do unless you try...go try.