Friends Model Tips on Fox

On this cold Feb. morning I showed Sibila how to stylize her winter wear and look. segment.
 What I used on my beautiful friend liz was Revlon Colorstay in Khol. I lined her inner eye with eyeliner to enhance the shape of her eye and to make her eyes look bigger. I think this is one of my favorite tips that I've learned.

After we enhanced her eyeballs we added a great key necklace to add some bam to her simple black can find them here.

Next tip was on my mama was lining the lip with a nude liner. When you over or underline your lip you can either remove or add to your lip without plastic surgery. The effect gives the illusion that your lips are more balanced or full.

Ok my most asked about tip from segment is domenica's create those natural waves I use a 11/4" Round curling iron.
All the tips work and are great but the best tip I can give to add true beauty is to develop your inner confidence. If the inner you is beautiful then the outer you will shine!

Now go get to it.