It's a Great Day for DIYs


Woke up with crafty projects on my mind and as luck would have it you get to journey with me as I show all the goods on Great Day Houston this morning. 



Duck Taping It



  • Pull tape the entire length to the belt buckle so the majority of the belt will be wrapped with one consistent piece of tape. 
  • Lay belt on top with the front side down toward sticky part of tape. 
  • Next tear tape into custom pieces to fill remainder empty spots. 
  • Use an ice pick or large needle to puncture hole in tape after you wrap belt. 
  • * punch hole from the front to back so the tap will go inward to back of belt. 


T-Shirt Time 



  • Take an old t-shirt fold into half and then half again. 
  • Cut 1' strips (that look like a big ole loop) stretch it out like you are shooting an arrow. 
  • Then wrap around your hand 4x to create circles. 
  • Make at least 14 circles. 
  • Take two circles and tie them with an extra small strip of fabric. 
  • Continue to you have attached all circles, on the last circle attach it to the first circle you started with. And Voila' you have a rad scarf perfect pairing with an awesome outfit. 


Re-purposing a Bill Cosby dad sweater



I was bummed when I realized I didn't have an old dad sweater but then I thought I love thrift shopping, i'm sure to find the perfect sweater at the goodwill for cheap and there it was... my Bill Cosby looking sweater. SCORE!!!! I got it and one more sweater to create a fabulous looking sweater vest for the fall. And this is how to achieve it...

  • Grab your sweater and spread it flat on a table.
  • Create a pattern on top with a thick marker, draw across the collar, along the armpits, down the side and across the bottom.
  • Grab your (sharp) scissors and start cutting along your pattern
  • When you're finished, it's all about how you put it on -- put both arms through the circle and let it fall like a vest!

*to create a longer vest get a bigger size sweater than you normally would wear. to do a cute cropped vest cut try using a larger sized kid sweater. Thrift stores are perfect for this DIY one you can find tons and too they're cheap without the emotional attachment so if you mess up no biggie. 

Click here for my mirror mirror segment where I do the same technique with a t-shirt! 


Chain Weaver



  • Grab that old chain that you never use anymore and spruce it up with colorful thread.
  • Take at least three to four pieces of thread and gather evenly on one end and tie a knot with them 1/3 from the bottom of chain.
  • Begin twisting or braiding thread through loops.
  • When equal on other side, cut and tie off. 

Cuteness just happened, you're welcome.

*Taping ends of threads together will help you weave through the chains a lot quicker after you knot it off at one end.


Paperclip Dangles 



  • Grab a paperclip and shape into a triangle or any shape you like. Its sturdy enough to manipulate to a shape you desire. 
  • Next apply glue on paperclip this will allow the thread to stay in one place and not slip around. 
  • Tie off end of threads (I would have at least 3 strands to help process go faster.) 
  • Wrap the outer edge of triangle and then go across to create a solid space. You could also to random zig zags across triangle to shake things up. Don't limit yourself to one color mix it up and make it yours. 

*adding adhesive dots in places that seem to be unraveling will help clean it up, not get messy and after you can cover with thread.




Had a great time with Debra as always!



Until next time...



PS if possible I'd love your thoughts and comments. :) xo