Hardware Gone Awesome


This DIY has to be my absolute favorite...seriously. I wear these gems almost everyday and the best part about it, its so easy to make. Check out my latest mirror mirror segment via the link below.

  • cut two three-inch pieces of chains possibly shorter if you have thinner wrist. lucky you. :)
  • attach the end of chain to the side of one hinge using one jump ring and attach the other end of that chain to the other side of hinge. Repeat on other side.
  • in the center of the chain on one side, attach a jump ring to the center link, repeat on other side.
  • on one end attach your clasp to the jump ring.
  • now you are ready to clasp and go. 

Chevron L-bracket Necklace

  • grab your brackets and determine length of chain between both. make sure they are the exact same in length on both sides so it doesn't go lopsided on you. 
  • connecting the brackets to chain using jump rings.
  • attach a jump ring to the end of the chain and attach the top bracket, repeat on other side.
  • cut chain at the center and attach a jump ring to each cut side of the chain.
  • attach a clasp to one of the sides and you're done and doner!

For less than 5 bucks and in 5 minutes to make, I call that a totally win! 



Ps i would love to hear your feedback! xo

Leather Love and Polka Dot DIY

You know that old sweater you're yawning over or how about those also pants that are looking rather dull??? are you thinking of throwing them out well hold your horses and check out link below to resuscitate your dead wardrobe back to life back to reality! 

Click on the link below for my latest Mirror Mirror segment, we'll repurpose and spruce up those almost Salvation Army worthy pieces.


Leather it up! 

What you're going to bring to the Leather DIY party:

  • An old cardigan or t-shirt
  • Faux leather fabric for the cheap route, real leather if you bringing your big guns. If you get an eighth of a yard on sale its like a buck and you only use a wee bit...so cheap.
  • Scissors
  • Thick Needle (i love working with thick needles because the eye of it is so easy to thread)
  • Upholstery Thread- you can either match thread to the fabric or use some funky cool colored thread to add interesting detail.
garment in need of love

supplies: faux leather, thread, large needle and scissors

you don't have to stick to threads that match the leather, branch out with color to add funk and interesting detail

How to:
  • Cut the appropriate size and shape of leather depending on what you are going to leather up. ie elbow patches, shoulder patches, pocket squares, ect.
  • Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end.
  • Start sewing your fabric onto your old clothing piece. Start on the inside of the clothing item. If you are covering a pocket work in a U shape.
  • After you're finished sewing, tie off the thread on the inside of the garment.
stitching doesn't have to perfect its like a monet, up close its a mess but from a distance its beautiful

finished look is too cute

Do the Polka!

What you're going to bring to the Polka dot DIY party:
  • Old pair of pants in any color, shape or size. (or another article of clothing)
  • Fabric "Paint" Pens 
  • Ruler
supplies: old pants, ruler and a fabric paint pen

this is what the pens and paint look like...you're welcome. 

How to:
  • Lay your pants or clothing item on a flat surface and smooth out the wrinkles.
  • Lay your ruler across the garment where you'd like your dots to be. 
  • Make dots an inch apart all the way across, this is going to be your starter line that you will use to make the dots consistent throughout the garment.
  • Move the yard stick down about an inch and make dots and inch apart again, BUT this time make sure the new dots are IN BETWEEN the dot you just made. Its super duper simple. You got this!
  • Finish the front and let it dry and then do the same steps to the back side.
    finished look i've seen everywhere...the gap, khols, nordstrom oh yeah
Now aren't you glad you did give the ole heave ho to those dulled down pieces? I mean you wouldn't have gotten the chance to work that leather & polka dance those pants off!

Happy DIYing.


shrinky dink a dink

Does this look familiar?

I don't know about you but growing up i LOVED shrinky dinks and easy bake ovens and when i got a chance to revisit my childhood I seized my opportunity. 

Check out my latest segment on Livewell Network's Mirror Mirror where I showed Rebecca Spera how to bring back your childhood while getting crafty and being green. (as in re-purposing your throw-aways) 

>>>>Here's the link to the Shrinky Dink Jewelry On Mirror Mirror<<<<

Shrinky Dink bracelets 


#6 Plastic Takeout Containers
Permanent Markers
Jump Rings
Bracelet Clasp
Hole Punch
Fingernail Clippers
Small Needle-Nose Pliers (Optional)

Make sure you have a recycled #6 plastic container. Cut the flat part out of your to-go container.

Color a pattern or scribbles with your markers onto the plastic container.

There are so many different colors with permanent markers so its easy to get creative!

Cut large circles (for earrings) or squares/rectangles (for bracelets/necklaces) out of the plastic. Use nail clippers to round the corners of your pieces. 
Arrange pieces on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. 
Pop in the oven for about 30 seconds to one minute on 350-degrees. Watch them until they shrink up and lay back down flat. 
Let the pieces cool. Use jump rings to connect the pieces to make your jewelry! 

Bubble Wrap Bracelet

I didn't take pics of the bubble wrap bracelet but you can always follow along the segment and/or the step-by-step instructions below.


Bubble Wrap
Parchment Paper
Pearls for jewelry (with holes punched)
Circle Pattern (optional)
An Iron
Jewelry Supplies (bracelet chain, necklace chain, jump rings, clasps)

How to:

Preheat iron on wool setting, no steam (dry).
Cut bubble wrap into eight large equal pieces.
Layer two pieces of bubble wrap on top of each other, inside two pieces of parchment paper (or folded piece).
Iron both sides of the parchment paper until the bubble wrap melts together into a thin sheet.
Put two more pieces of bubble wrap around the piece you just ironed, put back in between the parchment paper and iron on both sides again.
Repeat with the rest of your bubble wrap (two more times).
Cut circles out of the flattened bubble wrap sheet.
Punch holes at the top of each piece with a thick needle.
Attach pearls and bubble wrap charms to your bracelet or necklace in any pattern you choose!

Thanks Rebecca and Sabrina for another great segment!

That's a wrap!!!


T-Shirt Time

Who doesn't have an old t-shirt that they either neglect or are thinking about tossing... 
                                                                                                                   ...We all do. 
So instead of forgoing them any longer how about re-purposing them . 

Check out my latest segment on Mirror Mirror with the ever so lovely Ms. Rebecca Speara. 

---> Click Here To Watch My DIY Re-Purposing T-Shirts on Mirror Mirror <---

Rebecca and I about to tackle 5 ways to re-purpose a T-shirt.

  • Spread an old t-shirt flat on a table
  • To create a pattern on top with a thick marker, draw across the collar, along the armpits, down the side and across the bottom
  • Grab your (sharp) scissors and start cutting along your pattern
  • When you're finished, it's all about how you put it on -- put both arms through the circle and let it fall like a vest!

  • Lay your t-shirt flat on a table
  • Grab a marker and create a one-inch border around the collar, pressing hard with your marker so it bleeds through to the other side
  • Draw another dotted line about one inch from the bottom hem of the shirt
  • Then draw another dotted line about an inch above that line
  • Flip the shirt over and follow the same pattern on the sleeves
  • Create a V along the neckline
  • Cut out your pattern
  • To make the racerback part, take the extra piece that you cut from the bottom and stretch it out
  • Cut it open to make one long strip
  • Gather the sleeves about two inches from the top and knot the strip around the sleeves
  • Then wrap the strip around and around, pulling tight and knotting it at the end

  • Fold a t-shirt in half, then quarters, then eighths
  • Cut one inch wide strips
  • Snip the pieces into long strips and pull to stretch out
  • Next, do a five strand braid...
  • Gather the ends of five stands together, knot them, and lay the strands out straight on the table
  • Starting at the right, take the end stand and cross it over the one next to it
  • Then take the middle strand and cross it over the one next to it in the same direction
  • Take the leftover stand and cross it over the stand next to it heading back in the other direction
  • Keep crossing the strands the same way, back and forth
  • Knot both ends and make a bracelet or necklace or headband!

  •  Grab an old t-shirt and lay it flat. 
  • Write out lyrics, poems or favorite quotes with Elmer's Gel Glue.
  • Allow the glue to completely dry, may take 45 min. 
  • Create your dye bath, instructions are HERE
  • Dunk shirt in for 5-15 min. in dye bath depending on desired. Make sure to wear gloves so your pretty nails do not find themselves dyed. 
  • Remove shirt from bath and let it dry. 
  • Wash in cold water and dry normally.

  • Create your pattern and draw on contact paper, sticky side down.
  • Razor cut your image on contact paper.
  • Take your dark t-shirt and lay it flat.
  • Make sure to put a thick piece of cardboard imbetween shirt. 
  • Peel off back side paper from contact sheet and place sticky side down on t-shirt. 
  • Scrub Clorax Bleach Pen over pattern. 
  • Allow bleach to completely dry. 
  • Peel of contact paper.
  • Wash in cold water seperately and dry normally.
  • Enjoy your cute "T'.
  •  Behind the scenes with Rebecca where great memories were made.
    Trying something new and getting creative empowers you on so many levels. So grab your favorite friends, a bottle of wine, a great music playlist and have a ball empowering your creativity.
     Get crackin'
    Ps Big thanks to Rebecca and the Mirror Mirror crew!