Beachin' it up


In the words of Will Smith

It's Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Want to keep the sand at bay? Want to have skin that glows for days? Want to sleep on the sand like its you on personal bed? Want to find the man of your dreams?...ok i can't help you with the last one but I got the other stuff covered on my latest segment on Great Day Houston. 

If for some reason the video will not play, click on link below to go to Great Day Houston Segment.


Watch till the end where I give a ridiculous answer to her question...however "in my head"  i had a good reason for it. ;)

Watch till the end where I give a ridiculous answer to her question...however "in my head"  i had a good reason for it. ;)

Prep yourself with a homemade scrub. 

I have actually used this and it does wonders. I couldn't stop touching my legs, they were like butter.



  • 1 lemon
  • 2 1/2 cups of organic sugar
  • 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil or olive oil

Throw it all in a cute mason car or repurpose a jelly jar.

When bathing lightly dampen skin and massage a scoop of scrub on skin.

Scrub a dub dub for a least a min to exfoliate skin.

Then grab your razor and with mixture still dispersed on skin, shave. You are going to take away dead skin. (gross sounding but works like a dream)

Repeat another round of the scrub a dub dub and shave again.

Your legs should be as smooth as a cutie pie baby's booty.

Comfy and Cozy


  • zippy locks
  • stuffing from a pillow
  • hand towel
  • bath/or beach towel
  • thread and needle

Grab a gallon size zippy lock or larger and stuff with an old pillow or the stuffing from it.

Using the a zippy lock bag will make your pillow water resistant from your sweat and the ocean drizzle.


Grab your bath towel and hand towel and fold hand towel in half.

Sew one side of the hand towel leaving a 1/2" at bottom by seam.

Attach the hand towel to the edge of bath towel and sew along seam connecting the two together.

Make sure to leave an opening on the other side to insert your plastic covered pillow. (This is also great because you can remove pillow to wash your towel after you "stinky it up" at the beach. :)

towel talk.jpg

Cool yourself.


  • 2 to 3 green tea bags
  • hot water
  • empty spray bottle
tea time.jpg

Boil tea bags, let it steep and then when cooled poured into bottle and refridgerate. 

Not only does this feel good on a hot summer day but the antioxidants in the green tea are amazing for your skin. #winning

For more skin benefits check out HERE.

Additional Tips

To add color to your skin put away the makeup and grab a facial tanner with spf.  My favorite is Josie Maran.

Make a tent. 

Its a place to cool down if you're getting too much sun.

Its a cool place to keep drinks from melting and food from wilting.

Its a great visual for photo ops.

Use sheets to lay on. 

Cotton sheets are breathable and cover a large area.

Bring sandwich zippy locks to make sand bags to hold down sheet from the wind. It works wonders. 

Frozen water bottles to add to the ice. 

They will keep things color for longer and when they begin to melt you can enjoy on the ride home from the beach.

Ok enough tips already...

Get yourself to the beach. Take in the fresh air. Get mesmerized by the ocean waves. Fill up with the light of the sun.

Salt in the air and Sand in your hair... Hello Summer! 

See you babes at the beach.