Peace, Love and Boho

At 5:45am this morning, the rain was pouring and my mind was paranoid that my alarm wouldn't go off and I would be late for the live taping of Great Day Houston. (I set 4 alarms just in case:) Needless to say I slowly pried my eyes open, thanked God for the day and began the horrible habit of the social media scroll.  

After 10 minutes passed, I peel myself from my warm cozy bed and headed to kitchen to get my daily dose of Spark. Feeling a little more alive I began my beauty regimen; hair, makeup, lashes, making the ever changing decision on what I am going to wear while downing a couple cups of coffee. Ready a little early...(WOOHOO)...I head out in the rain and get on the road. 

Jammin to the radio with about 20 minutes more till I get to studio in bumper to bumper traffic I get a flat tire. Like the tire has literally pulled off the the rim and I'm stuck on the busiest freeway in Houston with my clock glaring back at me with only 50 minutes before I'm suppose to go live on Great Day. 


I went into determined mode. Called my dad asked him to meet me, called my girl Erin at Great Day and decided to move me at end of the hour and then called rescue 911 better know as "AT&T roadside assistance" to come scoop me up. And Hallalujah I wasn't even that is real peace. 20 minutes later a tow truck arrives, 15 minutes later we are at a gas station to change tire and switch cars with my dad.

Its about 9:10am (show has started) I get on the road with a quick grab of my goods, adding of lipstick, fluffing of hair and a determined mind in tow. I arrive at the studio by 9:20am greeted with big hugs and lots of smiles. I made it with 20 minutes till I went on air and brought the below DIY segment. WOW! God is good and my dad is a superhero. Thanks dad. 

Long story short below is my Peace, Love and Boho segment on GREAT DAY HOUSTON. 

If the video is not working clink on link below. 



  • 3 yards of your favorite fabric or 1 1/2 yards of fabric cutting it in half lengthwise and sewing ends together for one long piece.
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • fabric fuse or a sewing machine
yes. those steps.

yes. those steps.

  • from top folded corner measure 4" across mark with chalk and 2" down mark with chalk
  • use ruler to draw a line with chalk connecting marks
  • cut line
  • unfold fabric showing rounded neckline
  • cut 1/2" slits at top of inner shoulder hems
  • find the center of front of fabric and measure 2-3" down and cut a slit
  • fold in triangular pieces and pin in place
  • on back side make four 2" slits across neckline, fold in and add pins to secure
  • for those that sew its time to take pins out and sew neckline into place; for non-sew people add fabric fuse in small pieces, press down hard to make sure that fabric is secure
  • Measure 13" from top of Caftan and mark (both sides)
  • Measure 14" from bottom of Caftan and mark (both sides)
  • Sew or add fabric use from mark to mark

And wham, bam, thank you mam this caftan has stolen my heart. This fabric was actually a piece I found at my grandma's house years ago. L-O-V-E!

Below is the caftan I made last night at 1am for Great Day. To make me not look like a heifer on TV (it adds 10lbs and all) I made a belt. See below pics on how I made it work with caftan. :)

I pulled belt through arm holes and tied on the inside. 

I pulled belt through arm holes and tied on the inside. 

So the morale of this story is no matter what wrench is thrown in your day, year or life, determine your outcome before you make a move. My day ended with a great segment, another glorious caftan, a smile, loving on friends and this post all because I was determined. Attitude is everything.  #happygirl 

Peace and love to you all,