Debt Free and Fashion Forward

Rebecca and I rocking out the segment.

Rebecca and I rocking out the segment.

Many of us are tired of being in debt, myself included, my latest segment on Mirror Mirror will show you two ways to DIY a rad reminder that you are on your way out of debt or have recently become debt free. If you're either of those two case scenarios here's a big WOOHOO! HIGH FIVE!!! for you.

Click on link below to watch my latest segment on Mirror Mirror with the lovely Rebecca Spera who's rockin the PennyFight necklace from The Penny Series available HERE.  Major love and thanks to Rebecca and Sabrina for supporting and loving the Penny Series. xoxo


Below is a visual guide on how to DIY and rock your nameplate credit card necklace.

And here is easy steps to make that Debt Free bracelet. Remember its all about owning it. 

Here's what you need:

  • Credit cards or hotel keys
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (3-hole is best)
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry clasp

Cut your credit cards into strips one large one for faceplate. Punch one hole in the end of each small strip and four holes in the corners of the larger piece, remember using that 3hole punch will save your sanity and strength. Connect all of your credit card strips with jump rings to form a bracelet and add the clasp to make it all come together.

The biggest goal here is to not only DIY with a fun craft but to awesome move steps to empowering you. Debt is not and will not be your friend. I'm still in the works to defriend her on all levels but working towards something is better than avoidance. (if you haven't read last blog Let me take you to JunkyTown this would be the time.. heads up its deep :) would love to hear your feedback. 

3 cheers to all you debt-free achievers and "wannabe"rs... Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip HOORAY!!!

So much love and excitement for debt free living,