I'll put a Hex Nut on You.


I love trending jewelry but dear lord it can be crazy expensive. Check out my latest Mirror Mirror segment where I turn hardware hex nuts into crazy awesome jewelry. I promise it won't disappoint!


Hex it Up

  • Create your design with any color of hex nuts. You can paint them to change it up with nail polish.
  • Glue the sides of your hex nuts together into the shape you want. I totally love E3600 glue, it allows you to mold design but it also works to keep pieces of metal together. Let it dry.
  • Attach a large jump ring to sides of your design and attach a chain to the jump rings. The length of chain depends on if you are making a necklace or bracelet. Attach a clasp and you got yourself a fancy pancy piece of jewelry. 

To Braid or not to Braid That is the Question.

  • Cut three very long pieces of twine, thin rope, or thick string and tie it off and wrap with tape so it doesn't unravel when you start to braid.
  • Before you start to braid attach the end of strings to a pillow or tablecloth to stabilize it. Now let the braiding begin.
  • Braid the strings half-way down.
  • Lace one hex nut on center string then cross over like you would braid regularly then lace another hex nut on the center and cross over. Keep adding until you desired length. I did 16 nuts on my bracelets.
  • Continue to braid without nuts and tie off at the end.
  • Cut off any frayed strings from ends and put that bad boy on and work it. :)

I love finding things and repurposing them into something awesome.  Hardware is not just for boys, just sayin'. 

Stay awesome because you are awesome.