link chain washer love

Ok I'm in love with these chain gang layering necklaces...perfect pairing for any outfit. Watch my latest segment by clicking on link below. You'll see how easy it is to throw down and look freaking awesome. Side note the flower necklace DIY would be a perfect craft for any little lovebug girls in your time I see my Maddie Joy (my 5 yr old niece) it going to be a DIY par-tay. :)

>>>Link Chain Layering Necklace Segment<<<

the finished look

  • 1 large washer
  • 8 medium washers
  • 8 small washers
  • Jump Rings
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Necklace Clasp (optional)

small medium large washers
  • Grab a large washer-open a jump ring-attach it to the washer- then lock it up.
  • Grab the smallest washer-open jump ring-attach smaller washer-link small washer to the jump ring on the large washer you just locked up.
  • Do the same with medium washer- repeat pattern until you get four small and four medium washers on the largest washer.
  • And the pattern goes... Jump ring - jump ring - small washer - jump ring - jump ring - medium washer - jump ring - jump ring - small washer.
  • Repeat steps on the other side of largest washer.
  • When you are done with all the meticulous steps...whew! Attach chain (any length you choose) with jump rings to create your fantastic looking layering necklace.
Happy linking.