T-Shirt Time

Who doesn't have an old t-shirt that they either neglect or are thinking about tossing... 
                                                                                                                   ...We all do. 
So instead of forgoing them any longer how about re-purposing them . 

Check out my latest segment on Mirror Mirror with the ever so lovely Ms. Rebecca Speara. 

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Rebecca and I about to tackle 5 ways to re-purpose a T-shirt.

  • Spread an old t-shirt flat on a table
  • To create a pattern on top with a thick marker, draw across the collar, along the armpits, down the side and across the bottom
  • Grab your (sharp) scissors and start cutting along your pattern
  • When you're finished, it's all about how you put it on -- put both arms through the circle and let it fall like a vest!

  • Lay your t-shirt flat on a table
  • Grab a marker and create a one-inch border around the collar, pressing hard with your marker so it bleeds through to the other side
  • Draw another dotted line about one inch from the bottom hem of the shirt
  • Then draw another dotted line about an inch above that line
  • Flip the shirt over and follow the same pattern on the sleeves
  • Create a V along the neckline
  • Cut out your pattern
  • To make the racerback part, take the extra piece that you cut from the bottom and stretch it out
  • Cut it open to make one long strip
  • Gather the sleeves about two inches from the top and knot the strip around the sleeves
  • Then wrap the strip around and around, pulling tight and knotting it at the end

  • Fold a t-shirt in half, then quarters, then eighths
  • Cut one inch wide strips
  • Snip the pieces into long strips and pull to stretch out
  • Next, do a five strand braid...
  • Gather the ends of five stands together, knot them, and lay the strands out straight on the table
  • Starting at the right, take the end stand and cross it over the one next to it
  • Then take the middle strand and cross it over the one next to it in the same direction
  • Take the leftover stand and cross it over the stand next to it heading back in the other direction
  • Keep crossing the strands the same way, back and forth
  • Knot both ends and make a bracelet or necklace or headband!

  •  Grab an old t-shirt and lay it flat. 
  • Write out lyrics, poems or favorite quotes with Elmer's Gel Glue.
  • Allow the glue to completely dry, may take 45 min. 
  • Create your dye bath, instructions are HERE
  • Dunk shirt in for 5-15 min. in dye bath depending on desired. Make sure to wear gloves so your pretty nails do not find themselves dyed. 
  • Remove shirt from bath and let it dry. 
  • Wash in cold water and dry normally.

  • Create your pattern and draw on contact paper, sticky side down.
  • Razor cut your image on contact paper.
  • Take your dark t-shirt and lay it flat.
  • Make sure to put a thick piece of cardboard imbetween shirt. 
  • Peel off back side paper from contact sheet and place sticky side down on t-shirt. 
  • Scrub Clorax Bleach Pen over pattern. 
  • Allow bleach to completely dry. 
  • Peel of contact paper.
  • Wash in cold water seperately and dry normally.
  • Enjoy your cute "T'.
  •  Behind the scenes with Rebecca where great memories were made.
    Trying something new and getting creative empowers you on so many levels. So grab your favorite friends, a bottle of wine, a great music playlist and have a ball empowering your creativity.
     Get crackin'
    Ps Big thanks to Rebecca and the Mirror Mirror crew!